Where The Mind Leads, The Body Follows

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Life is all about balance and juggling things. We sometimes treat things as if they were disconnected or separated, whereas sometimes we could benefit from integration of practices.

Welcome to my blog and my attempt to connect with you so you can establish whether my approach and experience resonate with you and what you are looking for. We all have strengths and powers within us that others help bring to the surface and awaken. Some people are called influencers, but I believe that people get influenced just by what they are drawn to already within. For me it started with a book of yoga found in my parents home when I was 10 years old. I always kept on going back to it but 30 years on and I’m still discovering the power of this practice and what it means. I was just repeating poses that I was easily able to get into thanks to my young flexibility, like lotus.

“We cannot just improve our flexibility and mobility and/or release stress by physically exercising alone, especially in a practice like yoga. If we do not dig into the incredible benefits of breathing while practicing, then we are just stretching and missing out on all the other powerful benefits of yoga.”

So if you are looking for more than just physical fitness and well being and do not see them as separate entities, then a holistic approach is what you are looking for. Focusing on the body and the mind as a whole and not separate entities, training them separately and then together so they can influence each other.

Wherever your mind goes your body follows...

Have you ever thought of lemons and your mouth starts salivating just at the thought? That is one simple example on how a simple thought can create a physical reaction. It sounds almost too simplistic but imagine the power we might have over our minds and bodies, more than we ever realised (#hypnobirthing #breathing #yoga) and how connecting the mind and the body allows us to have more control over both!

We are much stronger and much more capable of dealing with things than we are lead to believe. Women were built to give birth yet have become conditioned to believe it has to be a painful process. What if you can retrain your mind and body to make the process fare more fluid and be in control of your experience?

Some simple breathing exercises and visualisations can help you achieve this. But just as you would not expect to enter the gym and do one class and come out with muscles, the same way you should not expect anything in life to just happen overnight. It takes some practice and commitment and dedication for it to work. No magic wands available, sold out :)

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