What is Yoga Trapeze and its benefits

Yoga Trapeze is a form of Aerial Yoga. Hanging upside down, apart from being fun, is also great for spinal traction and passive backbends.

Yoga Trapeze is a powerful inversion tool that can really help with back pain, as with careful guided instruction and exercises, it can relieve pressure on your spine. In today's world, where we spend way too much time sitting at a desk or in front of the TV, our spines are left in uncomfortable and unhealthy positions which in the long run can affect your posture and spinal health, creating all sorts of problems. It is said that about 80% of people will suffer some kind of back pain in the course of their life. Some problems can become so severe they are debilitating.

“Compression is the main problem when it comes to spine health. Sitting for too long, lack of exercise and movement, stress and other factors all contribute towards back and spine issues. Look up the notion of 'spinal traction' and you will read about the benefits it has on the spine. The yoga trapeze is an amazing tool also to help decompress the spine.”

However, we should not only focus on spinal decompression as the main benefit, as the yoga trapeze is a brilliant complement to any exercise as it works on your muscles like very few other mat based exercises can! It really helps that you can do a lot of exercises that emphasise on pulling and grip strength and work on your shoulder and hip mobility in depth,

Strength, Flexibility, Balance

I did all my yoga training with Yogabody and am keen to share the benefits of Yoga Trapeze and teach it in London to as many people who like me have some back issues that yoga and/or exercises, chiropractors and osteopaths alike have not been able to cure. Since adding spinal traction and decompression through yoga trapeze to my routine, I have seen benefits like never before, not only to my spinal health but also a rapid increase in core strength and balance! (#yogatrapeze #spinaltraction #yogabody)

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